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Our mobile application connects parents of children 0-12 years old with experienced babysitters who have no criminal record and who love children. The GardMoi application is the most efficient way to book your babysitter with confidence. We offer parents the peace of mind of knowing that the babysitters in our application have been vetted by our team. In addition, you have access to other parents' notes and comments via the mobile application. It's a bit like Uber or AirBnB! Just download the application and log in.

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Parents of children 0-12 years

Parents looking for a reliable, experienced babysitter can download the GardMoi application. No more wasted hours checking references! We do the work for you. This includes a rigorous identity check and criminal background check. Our babysitters are certified trustworthy. Afterwards, all you have to do is log in, book a sitter and pay! It's as simple as that.

GardMoi also provides insurance, through which parents are covered. GardMoi also knows the GPS position of each babysitter in real time during childcare.

Experienced Babysitters

Babysitters with a minimum of 6 months experience and no criminal record can register with GardMoi. They can offer their services to parents after having undergone the necessary verifications. In addition, they have received first aid training. The best solution for both parents and caregivers.

Whether it's for a nanny at home while you go about your business or a last minute emergency, you have peace of mind with GardMoi.


To sign up for GardMoi

To register as a custodian, send us your email via the form below. We will send you a more complete and secure form. Once your application is received, you will be subject to a complete verification.



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The mobile application

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book a babysitter?

Download the GardMoi application from the Apple store if you have an iPhone, or from the Play store if you have an Android. Create your profile, book your babysitter by browsing her profile and other parents' comments, wait for the babysitter's confirmation and pay securely online.

2. How do I know my chosen babysitter is experienced?

We have selected the best babysitters for our mobile application GardMoi. The babysitters in the application have been carefully screened by our team. In addition, you will have access to notes and comments from other parents who have already booked the same babysitter.

3. How do I change the confirmed time?

It's very easy. Quickly go back into the application and change the time, but you will have to wait again for confirmation from the babysitter, as she may already have another reservation and the updated schedule may not suit her. In this case, you will have to book and confirm with another babysitter.

4. What do I do if my babysitter is late?

You will receive notification when the guard is en route. If she is late, please contact her via the application to find out why or otherwise contact the GardMoi team.

5. How much does it cost to keep my child with GardMoi?

Our babysitters have different statuses depending on the experience, skills and additional services they can offer. The minimum hourly rate starts at $13.00 and the rate for a full shift starts at $50.00 per day (8 hours).
Example: you want to have your child babysit for 3 hours: if the price is $13/hour then: $13 x 3 hours = $39. You will pay a total of $39

6. What is the payment method accepted with the GardMoi application?

The only means of payment accepted is online payment via the GardMoi application. We have implemented in the mobile application a secure payment system, which brings transparency in transactions and avoids misunderstandings. A receipt will be sent when the payment is made.

7. What to do if the babysitter doesn't show up?

When the babysitter is on her way, you will receive a notification by text message or via the GardMoi application. But if she doesn't show up at your home as confirmed, which shouldn't happen, contact the babysitter and contact us immediately at the following number so that we can resolve the situation.

8. Will I get refund if my babysitter does not show up?

The payment is debited from your account upon confirmation with the babysitter and will be refunded if the babysitter does not show up as confirmed.

9. How do I cancel if I change my mind?

We have a cancellation policy regarding fees and cancellation deadlines. Please see our policy for more details.

10. What to do if the babysitter cancels the reservation?

It is hoped that this situation will not occur but if it does and the babysitter cancels within a reasonable time due to an emergency or illness, you can book another babysitter available through the GardMoi application. And if you can't find an available sitter, please contact the GardMoi team.

11. You are not satisfied, what can you do?

Contact the GardMoi team or leave us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How to register with GardMoi?

Download the GardMoi-Babysitter application in Apple store or Play store. Follow the steps. Once your registration is complete, we will contact you to finalize it.

2. How does the babysitter application work?

Download the GardMoi-Babysitter application. Once the registration process is complete and additional checks have been made, you can start accepting applications from parents.

3. How will I be paid?

 When you are accepted to work with GardMoi, all details will be confirmed to you.

4. Why work with GardMoi?

We are the benchmark for instant childcare. No more searching for parents, no more posting your childcare offers on all platforms. Here we bring parents and caregivers together in the same place via the mobile application: GardMoi. You make your schedule according to your availability!

5. What are GardMoi's hours?

We leave it up to the babysitters to make their own schedule. Example: You can choose to work every day from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm or only on weekends or also every day.
Via the application you will have a calendar that gives you the possibility and choice to make your schedule as you wish. With GardMoi, you are your own boss!

6. What if I'm late?

It is very important to stick to the agreed schedule. We advise you to inform yourself about the means of travel and to take into account the weather and traffic in order to leave in advance. You can also inform the parent of any delays and the childcare will only start when you arrive at the meeting place.

7. Do I get paid if the parent cancels the reservation?

We have a cancellation policy, please refer to the following

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